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History of Anklam.
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Anklam, Stadt des Flugpioniers Otto Lilienthal
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Interiör der Nikolaikirche Anklam wird restauriert
1243 First documentary evidence Anklam 1264 Anklam is mentioned as a town 08.06.1264 Anklam is entitled to  practise shipping in Pomerania duty-free 13.06.1283 Anklam is “Hansestadt” 1286 The Anklamer Mary's Church was first mentioned 1292 Anklam is replaced by the Lübeck city rights 02.01.1353 City Ordinance for Anklam 1377 Anklam burnt down. Only a few houses and the Virgin Mary church are left 1387 Members of the Council of the City are killed except for one 1427 Anklam is temporarily excluded from the Hanseatic 1448 Establishment of the Chapel of the Holy corpse 1525 Fire at the town hall. The new building is ready in 1842 1555 Opening of the first pharmacy 1565 Pest in Anklam 1605  Pest in Anklam 1627 Anklam is occupied by imperial troops 1630 Anklam is occupied by Swedish troops 1637 Anklam is re-occupied by imperial troops 1648 Anklam is Swedish 1657 Incidence of Polish troops 1659 Anklam burnt down to a few buildings 1676 Siege and occupation by Brandenburg 14.02.1708 C.A. Cothenius, physician Frederick II, was born in Anklam 1709 Pest in Anklam 1711 Allied occupation by Saxons, Russians, Danes, Poles, and Prussia 04.04.1713 Anklam cremation prevented 15.08.1720 Anklam is Prussian south of the  Peene 1806 Occupation by the French 1815 All of Anklam is Prussian 13.09.1817 Bernhard Peters (painter) born in Anklam 1821 Bluthsluster park in Anklam will be created 15.10.1847 Gymnasium Wollweberstraße inaugurated 23.05.1848 Otto Lilienthal, aviation pioneer, was born in Anklam 1866 Cholera epidemic 07.08.1871 Inauguration of the Kriegsschule 01.10.1876 City Hall in the Peene road is based 12.09.1877 Heinrich Sahm was born in Anklam 01.10.1878 The post office is based in the Steinstraße. 02.04.1881 Turnhalle Leipziger Allee built 12.11.1881 Ulrich von Hassel born in Anklam                             (08.09.1944 in Berlin Plötzensee executed) 31.01.1883 Establishment of the corporation Pomeranian sugar factory Anklam 29.03.1892 Ulrich Sander (Writer and painter) born in Anklam 15.01.1896 Konrad Adolf Lattner (Maler) born in Anklam 08.10.1908 Establishment of the Anklamer Rowing Club 1921 Anklam becomes electric light 30.06.1927 Opening of Heimatmuseums in the Leipziger Allee 15.09.1927 The Peene bascule bridge is opened to traffic 1936 The airfield is created. Anklam is a garrison town 1937 The Arrado works and the settlements will be created 09.10.1943 1. Air attack on Anklam 04.08.1944 2. Air attack on Anklam 29.04.1945 Anklam is occupied by the Red Army 28.09.1947 Re-establishment of the Church of St. Mary 30.07.1950 Groundbreaking Town Hall on the Market 13.11.1955 Inauguration of the Anklamer Cross Church 11.02.1957 Completed vocational school catering 10.03.1972 Foundation of the Anklamer choir boys 01.09.1973 Founding of the Fritz Reuter ensembles 26.06.1982 Inauguration of the Lilienthal monument 04.06.1989 Museum opened in the Steintor 1989 725. years existence of Anklam 12.11.1992 New Peene bridge inaugurated 12.06.1994 Re-establishment of the circle Ostvorpommern. Anklam is county seat. 07.09.1994 Founding Sponsors Nikolai Church 13.10.1994 Inauguration of the Peene Gate Bridge 2000
Anklam Rathaus1840,  in 1841 niedergerissen, Gouache Karl von Hoewel.
Anklam: Rathaus 1840  Klick to enlarge